The artist at work,  with some pieces in progress.

Inspiration, move me brightly...

Starseed Solargraphics was born in the mountains of Humboldt County,in northern California. Inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounds us, the idea of painting clothing using the sun and natural greenery was intriguing, and  Sara spent much time working on and fine-tuning her sunpainting techniques. Jewelry making has always been in her repetoire,since she was a teenager, but has expanded to include a variety of styles ,methods and materials.

Starseed Originals includes all the artwork that is currently being created at our solar powered homestead in Northern California.

Inspired by colors and shapes, light and shadows, and the natural world around us, Starseed creates art for you to enjoy. 

Thanks for visiting my site. And take time each day to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature that surrounds us. Be Well.

Frequently asked questions

What is Sun Painting?

Sunpainting is a method of printing on fabric using a specialized fabric paint, stencils and a variety of natural materials to create permanent, multi-layered effects on clothing. I paint clothes, and arrange the imagery and then lay the piece outside in the sunshine. The sunlight bakes the imagery into the fabric. Each side of each piece is individually created, which allows me to vary the designs and placement,so each design has its own variations and is unique.

How long does the color last? Does it wash out?

All clothing for sale has been heat set and pre-washed. If you follow the washing instructions," Wash with cold water, in a machine is fine. and hang dry for best color", your shirt will stay bright and vibrant for years. Putting the shirts in the dryer will cause some fading as that is what dryers do to clothing. There should not be any running of color on the first wash, but just in case, wash by itself or with similar colors, and not with your whites. I encourage using eco-friendly soap. Let's help the environment in any way that we can.

Washing Instructions?

You can wash in a washing machine with similar colors. Always wash in cold and use an environmentally friendly soap. Hang to dry. You can put it in the dryer if you must but the color may fade a bit from the dryer. The shirts have all been heat set and pre washed before sale.

Do you use real ferns and branches on the shirts?

Yes, my process of sun painting allows me to use many types of natural materials in the printing of the clothing. I love to use ferns, fir branches, cedar and redwood branches, grasses and random plants from my garden. I like to experiment with the textures that the plants create. I can often use the same branches quite a few times before replacing them, so I am not constantly cutting branches for my work.

What are the clothes made from?

All the clothing from Starseed is 100% cotton. I've tried to print on different types of fabrics, including rayon and hemp, but the colors are the brightest on the cotton clothes.

Do you make all the jewelry?

Yes, I have been making and selling jewelry since I was a teenager...which I am no longer. I originally started with tiny glass seed beads, and spent many years creating and weaving them together. I have sold many pieces in my past and occasionally get to see someone wearing something I made many years ago. All of the jewelry currently on the website is also hand made by me. I love to work with crystals and stones and colors, and it's fun to come up with new styles and color and stone combinations.

Is the jewelry real silver?

Yes, all the jewelry here is made with sterling silver wire, sterling accent beads and chain and sterling findings (clasps and earwires). This provides for high quality, long lasting pieces that are also hypo-allergenic. Sterling silver can tarnish or darken over time, to remedy that, it is good to keep your sterling silver pieces in a jewelry box or under a cloth or even in a plastic bag, Sterling can be polished with a polishing cloth, which is a cloth with a silver polish in it, or even with toothpaste or baking soda and warm water with a soft toothbrush. Any gold jewelry on this site is made with 14carat Gold filled chain, wire and findings also. This is high quality gold that will not change or tarnish.

Will you do custom orders?

Yes, I can do custom orders on clothing, provided that the timing is right. I use the sun to paint the clothing, and there comes a time in the year when the sun's rays are not strong enough to print the clothing nicely. This time is usually from November until about April. It also depends on our weather in the Pacific Northwest. So I'm willing to do custom work or even custom designs during the sunnier part of the year. I am also willing to do some custom jewelry as well. It would be necessary to contact me here at, to talk about custom orders.

Where to find Starseed Originals in 2021...

Hello friends,

We had a great time at The Days Between Festival in August 2021 in Laytonville, Ca. We hope to be part of that festival again next year.

Current info for shows is here:

     1. For the whole month of October, Starseed is supporting Sales for Survivors, by donating a percentage of all sales here on the website , to our local Breast and GYN Health Project, a cancer resource center, which provides help in many forms for women facing breast and gynecological cancers. They are a local Humboldt county agency, and they are awesome. Please join me in support and order some goodies here.

     2. Next show is Bayside Makers Fair. Bayside, Ca. October 9 and 10th. I will be at Kotke Ranch ,2182 Old Arcata Road, Bayside, Ca. and we are excited to be doing the booth at this outdoor venue with lots of other fabulous vendors .

     3. We are planning to be at the Humboldt Artisans Holiday fair at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds, December 3,4,and 5, 2021. I will update on exact location soon.

And for 2022...We are planning to be at the Hogfarm Hangout, mid-June 2022 in Laytonville. as well as the 25th annual  Kate Wolf Festival, also at the Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, Ca in the end of June. Possible options later include Oregon Country Fair at Veneta Oregon in July, and Days Between at Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville. Also North Country Fair on Arcata Plaza in Sept.2022.

Many plans for 2022 are still hopeful but as we get ourselves past this  crazy stretch of time, we hope to resume more shows and festivals soon. Thanks for your love and stay healthy.