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Clothing from Starseed Originals

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DetailGingerScoop1 copy.jpg

Here at Starseed Originals, we create unique and original clothing.

The process used is called sun painting or solargraphics. Each colorful piece of clothing is hand painted and then arrayed with a combination of hand cut stencils, and natural materials, like fir and cedar branches, natural ferns, leaves and other garden greenery. The clothing is next placed in the sun to develop. Sunpainting uses a light and heat sensitive fabric  paint, and  each piece takes about an hour in the sun to develop. Next the piece is turned over and  the other side is painted.

After all the painting is finished, the pieces are then heat set by 2 methods, and washed before they are ready for sale. The energy used comes from our solar powered homestead and the paint is non toxic and the process is non-chemical and has a low planetary footprint. We are trying to be harmonious with nature as we bring you original artwork printed by the sun and featuring natural materials too. All clothing items are 100% cotton.

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