Sun Painted Clothing Designs

Represented here are some of the myriad of possibilities of designs created here at Starseed Originals. Each piece of clothing is individually  printed, so there are lots of variations in design styles, color combinations and  types of natural materials used to create the finished products. Inspiration is important  and it guides the design process. No prints are exactly the same and we revel in that uniqueness, We hope you will enjoy it too.

These Men's shirts are crew neck heavyweight cotton tees. They are long lasting and preshrunk, and range in size from men's medium to XXL. Although I'm featuring these designs in the Men's section, any design can be printed on any size or style of clothing. There are more and different designs in the women's section. Check it out!


Starseed Originals has been creating unique artwork for many years. Based in the hills of Humboldt County,California, Starseed strives to fill your world with beautiful and unique art, inspired by nature and the cosmos. Starseed can be found here and at various art shows and music festivals throughout the year. Click here for show info.



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