Here on the Crafts page, you may find some fun items. I'm currently displaying some wall art banners, and there will be more goodies to come...mosaic mirrors, digital art collage and digital photography prints and perhaps even my current favorite recipes for you to peruse...Who knows what types of creativity will inspire us in the next few days, weeks or months?? This will be the space to check to see what the cosmos has in store for us. 

Sunpainted Wall Art

 These cotton canvas wall art banners are printed using my sunpainting method. The pieces are 10 inches by 10 inches, with a sleeve at the top for you to insert a wooden dowel, or a cord to hang the banner on your wall. Some folks have even sewn them together ,prayer flag style, to make a larger piece of art. Do what you like and enjoy!


Starseed Originals has been creating unique artwork for many years. Based in the hills of Humboldt County,California, Starseed strives to fill your world with beautiful and unique art, inspired by nature and the cosmos. Starseed can be found here and at various art shows and music festivals throughout the year. Click here for show info.



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