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Starseed Originals

 Fun, Festive Clothing, Original Jewelry and More

CedarMirrorGr1 copy.jpg

Starseed Originals uses a unique process called solargraphics or sun painting to create its beautiful colorful clothing. Each piece is hand painted and layered with a combination of stencils and natural materials and then placed in the sun. The sun prints the imagery onto the fabric. This process creates highly detailed multi dimensional wearable art prints.

CedarMirrorGr1 copy.jpg

Always curious and always inspired, this section is where you will find more artworks, from mosaic mirrors to digital collage and photography, Starseed always has something going on...

Starseed Originals has been creating and selling hand made jewelry for over 30 years. Using high quality materials and beautiful gemstone beads, you are sure to find something to make you shine.


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